Monday, February 3, 2014

Homemade CNC2 (Frame)

After the Z head is ready, I needed to make a frame to hold everything together. Since wood is the easiest material to work with, I put together a quick frame.

It is nothing fancy, just for everything to be put together. And with the Z head and X-Y compound sliding table mounted, the CNC is taking shape.

I did need to put some wood blocks underneath the compound table to get it to the right height. With a little controller I have left previously, I was able to move the Z axial up and down. It is quite a bit tight as one would expect from the imprecise wood construction. But we can improve on that later.

Here is how it is like after a first test cut on a plastic block. I have then used it in the rebuilding of the little Craftsman 109 Lathe.

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