Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bill Gates' Last Day at Work Video

People has talked about it for a couple of days. The keynote speech that Bill Gates gave at this CES will be his last one given there. I haven't been to Las Vegas this time, but have been to the previous CES and heard Bill's speech. It is usually not so exciting promotion of Microsoft technologies, though I do like a few things he talked about, such as pen based tablet computer though it does not eventually pan out.

Anyway, from the webcast this speech is as boring, except for two things. One is a video about Bill Gates' last day at work. It is funny and cool. Bill is actually laughable and likable. Of course, one can say that with billions of dollars, he can get the best producer to script this for him. At least it is cool. The other cool thing is the gadget he showed at the end of the presentation. I know it is a demo, and the real thing never comes out as cool as prototype. But isn't it cool?

Here is the video. Enjoy!

Bill Gates Last Day at Work - CES 2008

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